What people are saying about our head lice treatment products…

"You are THE most fantastic company! The half case of Lice Off arrived in Rowayton today, in time to give to my grandchildren to take back to England when they leave tomorrow!!! Thank you so much."

—Joy H., Norwalk, CT

"We have been using Lice Off for several years, a few drops for each shampoo. In all the time we have used your product, my daughter has not had a lice problem. During one inspection my daughter was the only child in her class without head lice and was able to remain in school. I told her teacher what I was using and soon the rest of the children were able to return after treatment.

"I can say that my daughter now eagerly applies it herself, as it saved her from embarrassment (although the children were told it wasn’t an situation to be ashamed of, and of course it isn’t). But think how simple this solution is. We are telling parents of her friends, and I certainly want to promote this product, as lice are now quite common in the schools here."

—Patricia H., St Augustine, FL

"We just purchased our 2nd bottle of LICE OFF in 3 years. Lice Off really works GREAT!
One treatment on the whole family, wash the bedding and you’re good to go. While the relatives are still scratching their heads. I’ve told them numerous times about LICE OFF but they must like scratching."

—Blaine T., Pinconning, MI

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Lice Off oil blend. I bought it to help prevent head lice on my son and myself when head lice was going around in his school. I loved the smell and continued using it in our shampoo after the epidemic was over. Then I began using the oil as an underarm deodorant. I just sprinkle a few drops on my palm and apply it directly to my skin. Of course, it doesn’t stop perspiration but the scent of the oil blend gives a clean, fresh smell. I figured if it was strong enough to ward off lice, it would easily take care of germs, etc. I like the scent so much I sometimes wear it as perfume. I really like this blend of oils. Thank you for Lice Off"

—Robin L., Winston-Salem, NC

" My stepdaughter has battled with lice since she started kindergarden, she is now in the fifth grade. My husband and I used everything the drug store could offer and what the pediatrician prescribed for us and NOTHING worked like LICE OFF. We searched the net and found this product in 1999 and she has been lice free ever since. We use it in our shampoo and conditioner as a preventative tool so she doesn’t get exposed to those awful bugs. This is a child that has very thick black beautiful long hair. With this being an all natural product. Her hair has a nice silky shine to it, the product doesn’t damage her hair at all. Since then we also tried another product from your company that is used to treat lice for horses, and it also is all natural. That has been a wonderful gift and she has had no problems with this product. I just can’t say enough about your product. If you have a lice problem try this product and your lice problem will be gone. Thank you so much for helping our family."

—Charlene M., Palatka, FL

"I want to thank Lice Off for your product. My daughter goes to preschool/daycare and in the last 2 years her school has had problems with lice off and on. I have not been concerned with her contacting lice in 2 years, since using your product. As I write this testimony now, I am printing information of Lice Off to give to her school because they once again are having problems as of right now. I know my daughter will be just fine because I spray her hair everyday and she will not get lice now or in the future. In the past she never got lice either because of Lice Off. Thank you very much. I also notice that alot of your testimonies are from Oregon well I am here to say I am from Akron, Ohio and it works here too. It is just wonderful and gives me a sense of peace, cleanliness, and accomplishment. Thanks again."

—Rae W., Akron, Ohio

"My three girls and I, all with long, thick hair, battled lice off and on for 2 disgusting years, wasting hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter poisons which failed miserably, and spent hours of frustrating, angry, embarrassing time combing, washing, vacuuming, living in terror that the little buggers would pop up in public, as they often did. This product, and the ACU-MED Lice comb, was our salvation at last! It was safe, EFFECTIVE, and well worth the low price we paid. Combined with the shampoo, the aroma was unique and I did get compliments on how good my hair smelled. I’m scared to say it out loud, but (knock on wood) we’ve not be plagued in the year since. Praise the Lord!"

—Shari S., Belton, MO

"I have been using your product since Oct. of 2000. I am very pleased to say that there has not been any Lice found on my children since then. There have been several children out of each of the class rooms at school that my children are in sent home because of lice. They just had a new “head check” at school this last week and are both free of lice. Thank You."

—J. Miller., Atlantic Beach, Fl

"This organic, natural and child-friendly product really works. I tried all the insecticides and the lice were immune to them. I had to get 2 different dermatologist’s prescriptions for our daughter and ourselves. And, this product, I used as a preventive measure whenever I heard there was a lice problem in her school or her grade."

—Arlene J., North Valley Stream, NY

"I just ordered my second order of Lice Off. After having to transfer to a new school, my children caught lice after only being there one week! I was very upset. I have to admit I used another product to get rid of the lice. Chemicals are so harsh, but I didn’t know any other way to get rid of them. A friend of mine told me about your product so I ordered it. My children bring home notes almost daily about head lice in their classes. Since I have been using your product, I have not found anything!!! (We have been using your product since OCT 2000) I thank God for finding your product. I like to know what I am using on my children is safe. Thank You."

—Judy M., Atlantic Beach, FL

"Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! I hope you realize what a wonderful product you have. It has saved my sanity! I don’t think about lice 24/7. My daughter started Kindergaten this year. My daughter had been in preschool/daycare since she was 4 months old, and I never had to deal with headlice. WHAT A SHOCKER to find out that not only my daughter had them but I also did. I always checked her daily but when you’ve never been exposed to them you really don’t know what your looking for. I never did see any live lice, just the nits! I felt like I was fighting an unseen enemy. We used traditional drug store products at a great expense and who knows what it did to our lungs. My husband was ready to commit me if I washed or sprayed anything else in the house. I knew I couldn’t go through that again, (the embarrasment, aggravating treatment, cost) so I searched the internet and found your product. We are lice and stress free!! THANK YOU!!"

—Dolores R., Lake Mary, FL

"After years of fighting with the problem of head lice I happened upon your web site and decided to give this product a try. My daughter’s doctor had just told me that he thought my daughter just had the perfect hair for headlice and that while she was in school I would probably be fighting this problem for several more years. Even though your product seemed a bit expensive I ordered it anyway simply because if it PREVENTED head lice I would be saving money in the long run. To my great surprise and joy your product does exactly as it claimed. Since using the Lice Off drops in the gentle shampoo I have had no more head lice in my home. Thank you so much
for producing such a safe and effective product."

— Charity L., Spring City, TN

"…After fighting for months to get rid of head lice we are thrilled to find an effective, non-toxic, preventative product. My daughter’s best friend still has head lice, and at age 15 it is impossible for me to keep them separated. She is exposed to lice on a regular basis and by spritzing with Lice Off! daily she has remained lice-free. Thank you for making this product available."

—Jill K., Springfield, OR

"We placed our first order with you during the summer of 1999. Our daughter began Kindergarten in August, and while we recieved notes advising us that other children were sent home from school due to head lice, we have not had to deal with any problems AT ALL!

We are very pleased with your product. The ingredients in Lice Off are similar to a formula our pediatrician recommended we could make from ingredients found in a health and nutrition store. But, we felt it was easier, more precise and more economical to purchase Lice Off.

—Tracey L., Joelton, TN

"I recently ordered a second supply of Lice Off! The first order was given to my grandchildren in Crescent City, California. Both families had been battling head lice all last school year. I had read an interview about Lice Off! and sent them a bottle before school started. They have not suffered from head lice this year, even when their entire class was sent home for a day due to an outbreak! Now I have two more grandchildren starting school here in Oregon and some friends who will benefit from your product. Thank you!"

—Alice J., R.N., Grants Pass, OR

"My 14 year old daughter has always been told how devastating it would be to contract head lice because of her long, thick hair. The night I found that she had head lice, I purchased a traditional pediculicide. Since the first treatment did not work, I tried another popular chemical. I kept using both products & after spending so much money;she still had lice in her hair. In frustration I searched the internet for an answer. Thank goodness I found this absolute miracle treatment. This was the only product purchased that has worked for us. We have been lice free since the end of June. Thank you Lice Off!

—Katherine V., Clovis, CA

"This letter is to let you know how pleased I am with your product. We have been battling headlice on my daughter for 6 months she has been treated nearly monthly if not more with some kind of chemical shampoo. When she first got lice she had hair down to the middle of her back. It is now up past her shoulders but the bugs were still there. We were to the point of either shaving her head or letting her live with lice. I have been using your product for 2 weeks and the bugs have stayed gone. With the very first overnight treatment the bugs disappeared I have checked her daily and picked out a few nits here and there but no bugs have appeared. With the chemical shampoos the bugs would still be walking around on her head while the shampoo was still on it. It is very nice to know that this product is safe enough for everyday and will not harm her in anyway. I am so grateful, it is nice not having to worry about picking bugs out of her hair after working for 8 hours at my job everyday. Thank you."

—Amy C., Wichita KS

"I just wanted to let you know my family had remained lice-free for over five years. I thought I was pretty lucky. I always believed that lice was only for dirty people. Then one weekend I noticed my son scratching his head. I decided to check him and to my surprise and disgust I noticed he had lice. At first I was not sure because I mostly saw the nits, which I thought were dandruff until I realized that I could not just flick them away.

"Well, I couldn’t believe or understand how my son could possibly have lice, I cleaned and washed him every day. My house is very clean, I’m a clean person. Then I saw your segment on the news and called right away. I have been using the Lice Off! every day before the kids go to school. There have been a couple of cases of lice at the school, and so far I am happy to say mine have not contracted it again. I believe this stuff really works and have told many friends and passed the word around at the kid’s preschool about Lice Off!

"I think this product would be very marketable in schools and wish more parents would use it on their children. Nothing can describe the embarrassment I felt when I found out my child had lice. I hope that I will never have to go through that embarrassment again. Thank you for bringing this product to many family’s attention in the Eugene/Springfield area. I wish you luck and thank you again."

—Kathleen N., Springfield, OR

"My experience with Lice Off! was wonderful. I bought two bottles and now use it in everything everyday. Before using Liceoff we fought lice for over a year and now it’s all gone and it’s so wonderful. We tried everything and nothing worked at all. The lice medicine they sell in the stores would leave live bugs when you were done using it. Since we bought Lice Off! we’ve had no more lice or eggs. It’s an awesome product. I believe in it so much that I handed out copies of your flyers and I even took it to the school and they’re working on getting it approved to hand out to all students that get lice. Thank you very much."

—Carolyn C., Veneta, OR

"My daughter had tried every product for head lice that her pediatrician had suggested, and all of the over-the-counter products as well. Nothing seemed to work for more than a few days, and her children repeatedly faced the embarrassment of being sent home from school. Since they started using Lice Off! the children haven’t missed a day of school, and are all smiles! Thank you for this great product!"

—Marilyn C., Gates, OR

"I can’t thank you enough for Lice Off! I have tried everything on the market over the years. Spending hundreds of dollars plus hundreds of hours to get rid of these things, only to have my house reinfected a week later. With Lice Off! I have cleaned my house, treated my children and had no signs of head lice for weeks now. Lice Off! is truly a God-sent product."

—Sharon S., Coos Bay, OR

"I am very pleased with your product Lice Off! My daughter is in third grade and in just the first two months of this school year already has brought home lice six times. Then Grandma brought your product home from Oregon. My daughter has been using Lice Off! for the last month and she’s been lice-free while other students in her class have gotten lice again. I’ve told many people from my children’s school about Lice Off!"

—Michelle L., Vallejo, CA

"Dear Friends at Lice Off Distributing,

This letter is to inform you all of how much I appreciate your product. My seven year-old goes to a public school. She was coming home with head lice quite frequently (four times in two months). Then my four year-old would get them also. It is my pleasure to tell you that since purchasing Lice Off! and using it in my girls’ shampoo they have not had any more problems with head lice. Thank you very much!"

—Marcy H., North Bend, OR

"I would first like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and Douglas for your concern in this matter. Your family came to us in a great time of need. I too felt like my life had been invaded with little bugs and poisons. Out of desperation we turned to the traditional products and worrying, every day, what kind of harm this would bring to our family. We then remembered a flyer which had been brought home from school regarding Lice Off! and turned to you. We have been using this product more than faithfully to try to avoid this dilemma from striking our home again, and so far so good. My family is and will continue to be a user of this wonderful product."

—Kevin & Cindi L., Eugene, OR

"I want to thank you so much for developing your product Lice Off! As a child care provider lice is a concern. When I first started childcare I really didn’t think about the possibility of it coming into my house. Well, one day it did and since I knew very little about lice I battled for three months trying to get rid of them. During that time I heard about your product. I am happy to say my family has been lice-free since September of 1997, which is wonderful.

However, what has impressed me the most is recently a child did get headlice (I check heads every day) so that child and siblings went home right away and I got out my spray bottle of Lice Off! and sprayed everyone’s head and the furniture. I am proud to say your product kept my house and other children lice-FREE. Thank you so much.

The children and parents of the Doll House Child Care all thank you. Good job and way-to-go Lice Off!!"

—Patty Doll,
Doll House Child Care
North Bend, OR

"I am a mother of five children. We have dealt with head lice for ten years. But since we have been using Lice Off! we don’t have to deal with head lice because he haven’t had lice."  

—Janice V., Eugene, OR