How to Effectively Treat Head Lice

the safe, all-natural way without using toxic chemicals

AND ever worrying about getting it again…

Lice Off, the All-Natural Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment

A non-toxic formulation of 100% pure essential oils used by thousands of families to effectively treat head lice and keep them from returning

Lice Off has proven itself over the last fourteen years as an effective all-natural treatment and pediculosis preventative, naturally treating and preventing further head lice infestations without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals or pyrethrum-based pediculicides.

After treating your family with Lice Off, head lice are no longer a consideration in your life. No more hours and hours of nitpicking, spraying toxic chemicals around the house, bagging up all the kids’ toys for two weeks and sterilizing everything in the dryer. And all for only $9.95 a month or even less for a family of four with our Manufacturer’s Direct-to-You Internet Specials. Clearly Lice Off is the safest, most cost-effective solution available today…

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